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A list of all the artists we are lucky enough to collaborate with


Ilya Kuvshinov

Ilya Kuvshinov is a Russian illustrator based in Tokyo. While he may be renowned for his illustrations of young women, his true skill lies in depicting familiar moments. Every scene he paints brings with it the realism and familiarity of the everyday experiences we all take for granted. He has recently broken into the animation industry and worked as a character designer for Keiichi Hara's 2019 film, "Birthday Wonderland". He is currently working as lead character designer for Netflix's Ghost in the Shell: SAC2045.

Please look forward to his future works!

His work can be seen on his instagram:

5 x 5 Vinne.png

At only 18 years old, Vinne is taking the world of streetwear art by storm. His “brand girls” series depicting personified versions of popular lines of clothing such as Gucci, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Supreme, Nike, Adidas and more were an overnight sensation. Vinne’s talent lies in imagining fantastical, high concept fashion pieces and juxtaposing them with all the elements that make sci-fi art great.

His work can be seen on his instagram:

Kitue Kim (김기두)

Kitue Kim is an animation legend. His decades long career includes credits as an animator on legendary works such as Giant Robo: The Day the Earth Stood Still, The Animatrix, Justice League (2003), Young Justice, Cannonbusters, Kill La Kill and many, many more. His skills speak for themselves and you can feel his presence in everything he’s contributed to. He is currently working on his own series titled Berserkers.

See more of his work on his instagram:

Sozo Maika

Sozo Maika is Brooklyn based artist who has worked for DC Comics, Image Comics, Wired and many many more major companies. Her digital paintings can effortlessly embody everything from the gritty street style of Asian movie posters to the pristine aesthetic of high fashion. She also works in 3D and regularly creates assets for other artists to use on GumRoad.

See more of her work on her instagram:


Stanhatesyou is an American artist who specializes in capturing small, intimate moments where we are our most vulnerable selves. His neatly boxed illustrations use a lighthearted color palette that calls to mind the tameness of 90’s anime.

See more of his work on his instagram:

5 x 5 Mario.png

Mario Maján

Mario Maján is a Chilean indie comic artist, illustrator and, commercial graphic designer. His designs combine the neon atmosphere of the 1980's with the grittiness of modern street art.

See more of his work on his instagram:

5 x 5 Anna Zeng.png

Anna Zeng

Based in Boston, Anna Zeng works as an illustrator and graphic designer. Her artwork is difficult to categorize as she excels in every field and she has a knack for merging traditional eastern outfits with elements of modern fashion. A beaver emoji she designed will be included in an update for android devices everywhere in Fall 2019.

See more of her work on her instagram:

5 x 5 Corpsetits.png


Corpsetits is a freelance artist whose subject matter combines striking, limited color designs with all the appeal of ecchi manga and skeletons. Ordinarily, such clean line work would serve as a stark contrast to her lewd subject matter but, she marries the two with complete effortlessness and grace.

See more of her work on her instagram:

5 x 5 Peach Momoko.png

Peach Momoko

Hailing from Japan, Peach Momoko is a traditional artist and mangaka. Her gigantic works showcase her mechanical precision and relentless attention to detail. By combining aspects of horror, manga, cyberpunk and badass women, she creates truly breath taking works.

See more of her work on her instagram:

5 x 5 GENI.png

Geni Riot

Geni Riot is a Chilean illustrator with a unique eye for the Japanese aesthetic. Her works blur the lines between pop-art and surrealism.

See more of her work on her instagram:

5 x 5 Kaitlyn.png

Kaitlyn Rae

Kaitlyn Rae is a jack of all trades. She's equal parts cosplayer, gamer and, graphic designer. Her prowess and creativity shine through in her high quality costumes and props as well as her unique eye for illustration.

See more of her work on her redbubble:

5 x 5 Eric.png

Eric Tran

Eric Tran, originally from NJ, is a Chicago based artist currently working for Netherrealm Studios on Injustice 2. His art style channels in equal parts the grotesqueness of horror, the intricate mechanical detail of sci-fi and, the liveliness of comics.

See more of his work on his instagram:

5 x 5 Tori.png

Tori Eng

Victoria Eng is a Brooklyn based illustrator from New York City. She composes strange images by blending traditional drawings with digital painting. Her work is filled with surreal subjects layered in intricate detail in lines.

See more of her work on her instagram:

5 x 5 Merwan.png

Merwan Chabane

Merwan Chabane

Merwan Chabane is Paris based French comic artist, story border and, animator. His notable bandes dessinées include "Jeu d'Ombre" and "Pour L'Empire". He is currently working on a new project titled "Mécanique Céleste.

See more of his work on his instagram: